Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

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Last minute doesn't mean less amazing! Here is a list of costumes that you can put together in minutes. Most of them can be created with items you already have in your home!

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1. Crazy Cat Lady

If you're already a crazy cat lady in real life, you will probably have a bunch of cat plushies in your home. Stick them on you, wear a bathrobe, and do up your hair in curlers to instantly show off your crazy cat lady status.

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2. Error 404 Page

Are you totally over costumes this year? Buck the trend by writing the words "Error 404: Costume Not Found" on a plain white shirt.

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3. Facebook

Take a cue from Jim from The Office for what might be the easiest costume on the planet.

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4. The 1% or 99%

Go as the one percent by wearing fancy clothes and holding up an iPad that says one percent, or some monopoly money as shown here. Go as the 99 percent by making a cardboard sign and dressing in casual, more free-spirited clothes.

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5. Party Animals

Party like a wild animal in your animal-print outfits, or animal ears with party hats!

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6. Kid in Pajamas

Wear PJs, pigtails, minimal makeup, and slippers, and carry a stuffed toy.

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7. Static Cling

Go as static cling this Halloween. All you need to do is pin socks and dryer sheets on your clothes. Don't forget to muss up your hair!

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8. Grapes

Get a bunch of purple or green balloons, blow them up, then stick them on your clothes. You can just throw on a green accessory for the leaves, or draw and cut out leaves from regular paper.

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9. Scarecrow

You definitely won't scare anyone with this costume. Wear a plaid top, jeans, and a sun hat, and paint your face to complete the look.

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10. Unicorn

Make unicorn horns by rolling up a piece of paper to make a cone. Wear pastels or white, and you have your unicorn costume!

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11. Risky Business

Probably the easiest costume ever — throw on a pair of shades and wear a white, collared button-down shirt.

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12. Tourists

Sandals with socks, Hawaiian shirts, oh my.

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13. Windup Doll

Dress up in a doll-like or ballerina outfit, and stick a DIY windup key on your back. You can make it from duct tape and cardboard!

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14. Candy Rappers

This play-on-words costume is so punny and easy to make.

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