Star Wars: The Last Jedi Celebrity Cameo Guide

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here! The highly-anticipated movie is in theaters now and we're bringing you some major scoop about the latest Star Wars film.

While there's been some reports about which celebs would appear in the movie, we're bringing you a list of all the stars that made it into the film.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Joseph voices the role of alien Slowen Lo in the movie. He confirmed his role in the film back in October on Twitter. When asked if he had a cameo in the Rian Johnson directed movie, Joseph replied, "I believe it's only me and one other actor who has appeared in all four @rianjohnson movies. Proud and honored."

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Justin Theroux: Social media is really excited over Justin's cameo in the movie as Master Codebreaker. The actor was spotted in a gambling scene alongside model Lily Cole. In the scene, Justin is gambling when chaos erupts but he decides to continue playing because he's "on a roll!" 

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Ellie Goulding: On Dec. 13, Ellie revealed on social media that she filmed a part in the movie. She tweeted, "Has anybody seen Star Wars yet and seen someone who resembles me in it awkward if I got cut. Haha." In a second tweet Ellie told her followers, "Either way it was a really awesome experience. Great to be in the rebel army for a day :)." She also shared that she sang at the movie's wrap party after filming was complete.

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Noah Segan: The actor, who has appeared in other projects for director Rian Johnson, plays a X-Wing pilot in the movie.

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Prince Harry and Prince William: The princes had been photographed on the set of the movie and were rumored to be making a cameo in the film. But in August, John Boyega said during a BBC Radio 4 interview that he thinks that scene was taken out of the movie.

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Tom Hardy: Boyega also discussed in the interview that Tom had visited the set as well. But fans are having a hard time spotting him in the movie.

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